Account Manager (M&C Saatchi Singapore) – East Region

Posted by M&C Saatchi Singapore | 28 Sep 2022
Singapore, Full-Time $6001 – $6500
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We are looking for an Account Manager to join the agency!

  • The Account Managers will responsible for the day to day management of their accounts, ensuring that Client and Agency personnel always feels that they are getting the best, most professional service possible.
  • The Account Manager will need develop the basic marketing and advertising skills they have learnt as an Account Executive, in particular they will now be expected to develop creative and media briefs. The Account Manager will need to enhance their ability to judge creative work and know when it is on brief.
  • The people management skills will develop to enable the Account Manager to train and develop people those who will report to him/her, to manage upwards as well as downwards, to motivate members of the agency team.
  • The Account Manager’s presentation and communication skills will be developed through client presentations, selling creative and media ideas, learning to listen actively to read sensitive situations accurately, preparation of strategy papers etc.
  • Negotiation Skills will be developed through budget presentation, liaison over creative issues between client and creative and motivating the team to keep to deadlines. And Financial Management Skills will become important as he/she take on responsibility of budgets, billing, profitability and financial forecasting on your account.

A good Account Manager is the backbone of the account management team.


  • An Account Manager should look to develop your skills in the following areas, although remember that development will come through exposure and experience.
  • Understanding of the strategic problem or issue
  • Identification of the role of advertising
  • Contributing to the creative brief – both developing and writing. Learn how to be able to find a relevant and motivating angle for the proposition
  • Begin to understand Brutally Simple Thinking and the tools associated
  • Once agreed by the core team, help ensure approvals are obtained for written briefs
  • Help judge creative work
  • Understand what the ingredients of a great ad are, and help develop ways of presenting this to the Client
  • Use the creative development period to create an ongoing dialogue with creatives
    – answering their questions, getting hold of information, collecting relevant material, updating the team, etc
  • Work with the creative team and creative services to brief out any storyboards/narrative tapes/compilation tapes, etc
  • Ensure that all work is quoted on (and approved) before giving go-ahead to production
  • Ensure the media company are briefed correctly on new campaigns and ideally, are
    involved in the development of any brief. Know media budgets
  • Chase for media schedules
  • Knowledge of media terminology
  • Show genuine interest in your Client’s business
  • Respond promptly to Client requests. Keep the Client informed if there is going to be a delay
  • Develop the ability to assess and summarise market trends
  • Both the Account Manager and the Account Director are responsible for ensuring that budgets are correct and being worked within
  • The Agency has thrived because of the attitude of Account Handlers. This is positive and proactive
  • Develop strong internal relationships with everyone in the Agency: Creative, Account Handling,
  • Management, Planning, TV/Press Production, Secretaries, Finance, etc
  • Time management is essential – learn how to prioritise effectively and how to distinguish between tasks that are urgent, those that are important

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