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Posted by Protegie Consultancy | 17 Nov 2023
Singapore, Internship Job expires in 12 days Disclosed upon application

Calling all food enthusiasts and aspiring marketing maestros!

Are you a foodie with a flair for creativity? Do you dream of diving into the tantalising world of Food and Beverage while unleashing your marketing magic? Well, look no further, because we’ve got an opportunity that’ll tickle your taste buds and ignite your marketing mojo!

Join the Protegie team, one of the leading marketing consultancy firms specialising in the F&B industry. We’ve teamed up with big shots like PARCO, AppleBee’s, The Alley, and Ramen Nagi, and we’re on the hunt for a full-time Marketing Associate Intern who’s ready to shake things up with us!

At Protegie, we believe in giving our team members the power to shape their destiny. Be the master of your career, chart your own path, and witness the magic of marketing unfold before your very eyes. Flexibility and innovation are our middle names, and we’re all about making a difference for our F&B clients.

So, what’s cooking? Here’s what you’ll be learning with us:

Branding Development Strategies: Get a backstage pass to the thrilling world of brand development. From wild ideas to spectacular executions, you’ll witness the entire process unfold right before your eyes!

Social Media Planning and Execution: Learn the ancient art of social media! Craft compelling posts, monitor the buzz, and onboard clients like a pro. Our marketing team will show you the way to engage users like never before.

️ Market Research: Dive deep into the F&B secrets and use them to your brand’s advantage. Step into the shoes of consumers, understand their cravings, and pitch your ingenious ideas to the bosses.

✍️ Copywriting: Prepare to wield the mighty pen! From decoding creative briefs to crafting captivating copy, you’ll hone your writing skills like a true wordsmith. Discover the art of captivating your audience with every tap of the keyboard!

Now, let’s talk shop. Here’s what you’ll be doing as our Marketing Maestro:

Assisting our Brand Manager in whipping up marketing magic.

✍️ Weaving words and creating captivating copy that will leave mouths watering and fingers clicking.

Conjuring social media strategies that’ll make followers hit that heart button like crazy!

️ Collaborating with designers and freelancers to add some visual pizzazz to your marketing masterpieces.

Liaising with various stakeholders to keep the show running smoothly.

Designing basic marketing collateral to add that extra flavour to our campaigns.

Uncovering market insights and competitor secrets to give our clients the edge they crave.

Contributing your brilliant ideas to the development of marketing and branding strategies.

Keeping a watchful eye on the media and competition to stay ahead of the game.

️ Tackling some basic administrative tasks because, hey, even superheroes have to do it sometimes!

Now, let’s whip up the perfect recipe for our ideal candidate:

Education in the fields of Business, Psychology, or Communications. (But, hey, if you’re passionate and driven, we’ll show you the ropes!)

A good grasp of social media (because who doesn’t these days?).

A burning passion for all things food-related (it’s the heart and soul of our world!).

✨ Exceptional analytical, communication, and writing skills (you’ll be the wordsmith we need!).

⏰ Excellent time management (we’re cooking up some tight schedules!).

️ Attention to detail (because that’s where the magic lies!).

A sprinkle of design sense (for that extra pinch of creativity!).

Fear not, brave souls! If you’re a bit shy on some of the criteria, but you’re hungry to learn and have a passion for the job, we’re always ready to show you the ropes!


Should you have any additional writing samples, collateral or your personal portfolio, do include them in your application.

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