Mobile Application UI/UX Designer (Originally US – Mobile App Development Singapore) – Singapore

Singapore, Full-Time $5501 – $6000
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Note: Due to the nature of the work and expectations of this role, we are only looking for experienced hire.

If you do not have at least 2 years of working MOBILE APP UI/UX experience in your previous or current job, please do not apply.

Why should I bother reading this?

Sick and tired of having no creative freedom, being given a narrow job scope and feeling like a factory worker just churning out screens after screens for unappreciative clients?We feel you, and that’s why this job opportunity is entirely different. So read on.

What is Originally US?

Originally US ( is a regional award-winning mobile app consultancy that provides bespoke mobile app consultancy, conceptualization, research, testing, design and development services for global financial institutions, MNCs, and government bodies.

We are highly selective of which clients we work with and produce our best works with nice and appreciative clients.

What is the Originally US work culture like?

We are an extremely young team, with the oldest ‘uncle’ being 35 years old. We wear berms to work, unless there’s a client meeting scheduled for the day. There’s a well-stocked pantry with various snacks and drinks, sometimes even beer.

There’s no such thing as being late for work because we have flexible working hours. We are work-from-home on Mondays and Tuesdays, and provide unlimited leave entitlement with twice yearly performance review.

What!? Seriously? Seriously.

What is the job scope?

You will be given tons of autonomy. You will also be expected to challenge yourself, to grow with us and to think. If you need an instruction manual to operate a pair of chopsticks, we don’t want you.

You will be doing market & user research, conceptualisation, storyboarding, wireframing for mobile apps (90% of the time) and websites (10% of the time). You may also be required to conduct user interviews before coming up with your design approach, and to conduct usability testing to verify your approach.

I’m sold. What are the job prerequisites?

Nothing much really, we just expect you to be a superman. No seriously:

  • Very important: Ability to do end-to-end UI/UX design from research, to conceptualisation and producing the hi-fi mockup for developers. You set the design direction, align it with business goals, and ensure consistency across the product. We are not looking for anyone less experienced.
  • Super important: You must have at least 2 years of Mobile App UI/UX experience. Website experience will not be counted.
  • Strong in illustration and designing graphic assets (icons, mascots, etc) is a plus
  • To produce sitemaps, user and market research documents, user journey maps & wireframes. Excels in and has high proficiency at prototyping & design tools such as Figma, invision or similar.
  • To be trained in or have experience in market and user research methodology. To advocate the needs and preferences of users throughout the design process. You ensure that the final product solves real user problems and provides a positive user experience.
  • To be able to explore innovative design solutions and stay up-to-date with emerging design trends and technologies. You bring fresh ideas to the table to enhance the product’s uniqueness and competitiveness.
  • To be able to communicate design concepts, ideas, and rationale effectively to stakeholders, both verbally and visually. Create compelling presentations that showcase the value and justify your design decisions.

Ok, what can Originally US give me?

You will get

  • A job. Yeah..
  • A chance to unshackle and achieve creative freedom and enlightenment
  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home
  • Unlimited leave entitlements (after first year, case-by-case)
  • Project bonuses (after first year)
  • An electrically operated standing desk, a macbook pro and a 4k monitor

I’m game! How do I apply?

    How to Apply

    Open to Singapore Citizens and Residents only; All Foreigner applicants will be Rejected.

    Step 1: Login to
    Step 2: Ensure your Online Resume is updated (Attach your CV if necessary)
    Step 3: Click Apply for Job

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