Account Executive (Intern) (The M Makers Pte. Ltd.) – Singapore

Posted by themmakers | 20 Sep 2023
Singapore, Internship Disclosed upon application
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Are you ready to dive headfirst into the thrilling world of advertising? Are you bursting with fresh ideas and a burning desire to make a real impact? Then we have an internship opportunity that will ignite your creative spark and take your career to new heights.

The M Makers, a dynamic full-service integrated agency, is on the hunt for a talented and passionate Account Executive Intern to join our team. As an intern in our coveted role, you’ll unleash your creativity, work alongside industry veterans, and learn the ropes of advertising like never before.


  • Idea Factory: We want you to unleash your boundless creativity to develop fresh and innovative advertising concepts that captivate audiences and drive results. Your ideas will be the driving force behind successful campaigns.
  • Strategist Extraordinaire: You will work closely with our team to develop effective advertising strategies tailored to each client’s unique goals. This will require you to dig deep, immerse yourself in market trends, and develop data-driven insights that leave competitors in the dust.
  • Collaborator Supreme: Get ready to collaborate with our talented creative teams, media gurus, and clients to bring your concepts to life. It’s all about teamwork, building strong relationships, and creating campaigns that leave a lasting impact.
  • Execution Mastermind: You’ll be involved in the end-to-end execution of campaigns, helping to ensure all elements are flawlessly coordinated, from creative production to media placement. Attention to detail is key.
  • Analytical Guru: Dive into the world of data and analytics, using your inquisitive mind to evaluate campaign performance and provide valuable insights. Our intern will harness the power of numbers to continually optimize strategies and exceed client expectations.


  • Fearless Creativity: If you have a penchant for thinking outside the box and the ability to dream big, we want you on our team.
  • Hunger for Knowledge: Pursuing a degree in Marketing, Advertising, or a related field demonstrates your commitment to learning and growing within the industry.
  • Sharp Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication abilities are vital in this client-facing role. Make sure you can captivate an audience with your words.
  • Organizational Wizardry: Juggling multiple projects, deadlines, and priorities? Bring it on! We need someone who can stay cool, calm, and organized, no matter the chaos.
  • Tech Savviness: Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite is essential, and familiarity with advertising platforms and analytics tools will make you shine.
  • Passionate Go-Getter: Show us your drive, motivation, and genuine passion for the advertising industry. Share experiences or side projects that showcase your dedication.

The M Makers will provide unparalleled support, mentorship, and a platform to turn your passions into a career reality.


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